Ukraine is facing a full-scale, unprovoked war by an aggressor nation.  In addition to the heroic efforts of our military and citizen defense forces, it is imperative that the truth about the war be told in real-time by Ukrainian media on the ground.  It is imperative that Ukrainian activists and cyber warriors fight against this naked aggression.


EuromaidanPR (“EMPR”) cut its teeth during the 2014 Revolution of Dignity with over 240 citizen activists and journalists all across Ukraine providing vital information to the world.  After that, EMPR became the go-to source for information about the war in Donbass, and was the most quoted Twitter feed during that time period.  It’s website provides undated daily updates about Ukraine and quality journalism.

Donations to support our independent media operation in Ukraine are immediately needed! Ukrainian leaders and citizens are depending on EMPR to provide up to the minute updates and daily journalism about the war.

Now, EMPR is once again providing non-stop information in English to people in Ukraine and across the world. But this has not come easily since its members and sources are under extreme pressure.  Some are being hunted by the enemy, some have left the country to continue its work and ensure uninterrupted access to the Internet, while others have stayed in Ukraine to fight for freedom and democracy.  EMPR is a crucial resource, read by world leaders, mainstream media, Ukrainian political leaders, and ordinary citizens.  It provides relevant and breaking news by Ukrainians on the ground in Ukraine.


EMPR is not simply a media reporting organization.  Instead, it combines media with activism both in the political and cyber arenas.  EMPR was a leader in calling for the closing of the Bosphorus Strait, calling for a world-wide cyber war against the aggressor, calling for a no-fly zone to protect civilians, calling for a foreign legion, calling for a Lend-Lease program, and calling for citizens around the world to support Ukraine.


EMPR needs your support to help pay for its operations during these difficult and challenging times.  It needs to cover costs for our volunteers, correspondents, IT specialists, computers, hardware, housing, security, backups, travel, and medical needs.  It also needs support for our special activities in cyber space.  Please support EMPR and ask your friends to share and donate.


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